How to enter rescue mode and access the original C: disk in Windows.

If you get into the situation there you need to access information from a windows server you don't have credentials to or can't login to for some reason, It's then possible to enter access the disk via the function "Rescue mode".

When a server goes into rescue mode, it's similar to boot on USB or CDDVD. It creates a temporary C: and mount the original C-disk as D:


It's always important to take a snapshot of your server before doing any changes in rescue mode.

Starting "Rescue Mode" and login to the server.

You need to have access to the CityCloud control panel where the server is hosting,.

Take the server into "Rescue" by selecting it in the servers gearwheel menu.

Server are entering the rescue mode, and after it's done it's shows the "RESCUE" status of the server and also the exclamation mark to the left in server list.

When this is shown, you select console to see the servers login.

As it's creating a new temporary image, it will take a short while to prepare the server. This looks the same as when a new server is installed.

When you have the login page and start login, you will get question to add a new Administrator password. This is temporary and will not be used after you have left the rescue mode.

Accessing the original disk.

When logged in, start the Command Prompt by clocking the flag and type CMD and klick the suggested application.

Inside Command Prompt, type diskmgmt to start the Disk Management application.

In Disk management window, you see the temporary C-disk and also the original image in offline status. 

Change the status of the original C-disk from Offline to Online by right click the disk.

Now you see the original C: disk mounted as D:

When you have put the disk in online, it will change the unique ID of the disk, so the server will not start again after leaving the rescue mode.

To fix this, go back to command prompt and run as below. The ID on the current disk 0 shall be the same on disk 1.
This step must be done every time the disk status are changed from offline to online, ex. if you restart the server again.


You need to redo the previous steps every time you take the original disk onlin !

Now you can start the file explorer and access the files on D:

IF you ned to edit any files you might need to change the file owner to admin and/or update the permissions.

Leaving Rescue mode.

When you are done with your work and need to leave the rescue mode, just go back to the control panel and choose Unresque

This will restart the server on the original disk again.

IF you get this message after leaving rescue mode, you have probably missed to change the unique ID of the disk after the last time you was putting the disk online.

You need to redo all steps above by going into rescue mode again and etc.