Move a server between different zones

1. Create the snapshot on the server

2. Create an API user and install the openstack clients on your server, using this guide.

3. Create a new volume with enough space to hold your entire server and attach it to your server. For example if your machine has a base disk of 50GB, create a volume with a 100GB

4. Get the uuid of your created snapshot by running

    openstack image list 

5. Make sure that the size here has to be the same size as your machine;

    openstack volume create --image <uuid of the snapshot> --size 20 <name of the new volume> 

6.  Run

    openstack image create --volume <uuid of the volume> <name of the new image>

7.  Run

    openstack image save --file /path/to/mountpoint/image.raw <uuid of the newly created image>

9. Change the region in your source file to the region you want to move your server to and run the following bellow.  This is the image name that will show up in private images after the upload.

    openstack image create --file /path/to/mountpoint/image.raw <name of the new image> 

10. Create a server from the newly created image in the new region.