Cyberduck swift instructions

 Here is a short quickstart for howto setup cyberduck against citycloud swift project:

Works on windows and Mac.

  • Start cyberduck, then:

Open connection -> choose swift (Openstack object storage)

Enter username and password (If you can't enter password click connect and it will ask you for password). When auth is completed you will receive a field to enter "Tenant". Tenant is the old name for "Project". Here you enter the ID of the project to work against. Currently we only allow one project per user in swift. (Due to V3-authentication not yet supported in swift clients)

You can find your tenant/project id in citycontrolpanel interface: api -> natiive openstack api -> click on swift tab and it will be listed.

Enter the ID in the tenant field in cyberduck.

Then you are all set to go. You have an upload link in the action button in cyberduck that you can use to upload your first files/folders.