How to delete or cancel an account

To terminate the service with us, there are three different ways.

  1. The easiest way is to log in to the control panel in City cloud and select "Account" up to the right and then the tab "Settings" and finally select "Delete Account".
    Then your entire account will be deleted with all servers and additional services.
    Please reply to us when you have done above so can we remove the account little faster.

  2. You can also terminate your service with us by logging in to your control panel in City cloud via and deleting your server or servers.
    Please note that it is not enough just to delete your servers in the control panel to avoid more costs.
    You also need to delete your IP floating, default routers, any extra volumes, snapshots, online backups etc etc as these services do not disappear automatically even if you delete your server or servers.
    When you deleted everything, your costs will stop immediately and end up being charged at the same time.
    Please contact us after so we can see that your service has been deleted correctly

  3. You can also submit a notice of termination, so will we help you close the account.
    You can find the form here:

     a. Swedish:
    Formulär Uppsägning Av Abonnemang

     b. English:
    Form Termination of Subscription