How to delete an account or server

To terminate the service with us, there are 3 different ways

To do 1 or 2 log in to the old controlpanel in or the new controlpanel

1. Easiest way to delete whole Account with all servers and additional is:

Old controlpanel:

Select "Account" up to the right and then click on tab "Settings" and finally select "Delete Account".

New controlpanel

Select "Account settings" up to the right and then click on tab "Settings". Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see
the title "Delete Account". Click on the red button Delete Account and follow the process

2. You can also Terminate only one or more server or service in the controlpanel (Not the whole account)

Please note it is not enough just to delete your server in the control panel to avoid more costs for services connected to the server you deleted.

If you don´t need these services which was connected to your deleted server you also need manually to delete these services. For example IP, routers, extra volumes, snapshots, online backups etc

When you deleted everything, your costs will stop immediately and end up being charged at the same time.

3. You can also submit a notice of termination, so will we help you close the whole account.

You can find the form here below:

 a. Swedish:
Formulär Uppsägning Av Abonnemang

 b. English:
Form Termination of Subscription