How to reclaim forgotten password to your control panel in City cloud

If you forget your password or your username to login to your control panel in City Cloud, you should do the following steps to restore it:

1) Go to your login page at
2) Click on the link "Forgot your password?"
3) Fill in your email address and click on "Reclaim password".
You will get an email to your registered email address for your user with a reset link.

4) Click on the link and follow the instructions.

Choose a password of at least 8-10 characters long, containing at least:

* a number,
* A capital letter 
* A small letter

5) All done!

You can now login to your control panel in City Cloud.

Note that if your mailbox is linked to multiple users (accounts) you will get a message that says:

The email entered is connected to multiple accounts. A list of usernames has been sent to your email. Enter the username for which you want to reset your password into the field above and hit the reclaim button again.

The email looks like the following:

Here is the list of City Network account usernames connected to your email mail@mail.topdomian that you requested:
This email was Requested from (IP number displayed)
City Network Hosting

Select the username you have in your account and request the link again for the right users according to steps 1-5 above.