How to change your e-mail adress in the citycontrolpanel

Guide that shows you how to change your e-mail address on your account through the control panel

To change your e-mail address which is connected to your control panel for invoices and information that we send out go to

Start with logging in and press Account button.


Once you are there click on Add new email.

You can see there which e-mail addresses you have connected and which rights they have.

Lägga till Email

You enter an e-mail adress which you want to be connected to your account.

Lägga till mail

An e-mail will be sent to the adress you have added, with a verification code to verify the e-mail account you added in our system.


Now you will get the account screen again, click on Options next to the address you just added.

Inställningar för konto

You fill in there what type of emails you should get to this adress. Since you want to change it completely, mark all sections.


You don't want to have the old address so you need to click on options next to it.

Options for the old mail

Now press the button: Delete email account and confirm it if you get such an option. BEWARE: There must always be an e-mail account connected to your account.

Remove old mail 

Now your account is updated with all news, technical and billing information, invoices will be send to your new addressl.