Start Meeting

1. User can select 1 from 4 options how to start meeting.

The Meeting planner dialog appears by choosing New/WebMeeting (in the other options - b, c, d is WebMeeting dialog opened directly):

Click the Start WebMeeting now button. The Meeting dialog appears.

3. Within this dialog, you can set all meeting features:

The icons are described from the left to the right.

Microphone – Click the icon to mute your microphone. Click it again to turn the sound on.
Speaker – Click the icon to mute the speaker(s). Click it again to turn the sound on.
Information – Click the icon to open the Meeting Info dialog.
Invite – As a meeting organizer, click the icon to invite participants.
Share screen – Click the icon to share your screen with other meeting participants.
Record audio – The meeting organizer can make an audio record of the meeting.

City Network supports “full screen” mode for incoming screenshare video. Clicking on the video moves the stream to sep-arate browser window, which can be expanded to full screen by user. Closing the separate window moves video back to chat area.

Note: We recommend to never start online meeting or call when connection is NOT secure. Google Chrome does not allow to use microphone over none secured session anymore and it is only question of time when the other browsers do the same.

Note: When you run WebMeeting, red point notification is displayed in the WebClient bookmark.