How to create calendar entry?

On the left side fill in the appropriate information of the new entry divided into several tabs - Appointment details, Location, Attendees, Notes, Tags and Attachment:


Appointment details

Fill in general information about appointment.

All day – check this box if the appointment takes the whole day.

Repeat - Select Repeating option to make the calendar entry a repeating one and specify repeat options.

Remind me option allows you to set time default time options for new reminders – they do not affect or override any options for reminders you already have set.

Note: If you want to simply move the event to another date/time, you can double-click the event in the calendar view and move the event to the requested time/date.

Here you can add location and resources. Each address in this field can be shown on Google maps. Put selected address into the appropriate field and click the location icon to open a WebClient dialog with a Google Map of this address.

You can add attendees you want to invite to your meeting in this tab. Enter the name of contact into plus field or click the attendee ́s icon to open Select contact dialog. There you can choose a contact from the Address book, Contact Folder or TeamChat room. Double click the invited contact will open edit dialog.

In the last 3 tabs you can add notes, tags or upload an attachment into your event.