Domain's User Set-up

From inside the selected domain, click on any user to access settings for the selected user. (See Domain´s Details Setup)

Info tab

General overview of user such as personal details, permission and rights, quotas, status of 2-factor authentication (enabled/disabled) and client applications.

If you are administering City Network Subscription model, you can manage plans here in Permission & Rights.

Permission & Rights section.

You can combine different types of users within one domain so each of them can use different features according to the selected plan.

Clicking the Features button under Permissions & Rights allows to setup diverse user configurations. (See User Features).

Card tab

The whole set of personal details, all fields are optional. These fields can also be filled in the WebClient interface.

Email tab

Email tab sets where messages are to be forwarded or copied, responder mode and Anti-spam.

Limits tab

Limits tab.Turn the toggles on and enter the appropriate values for the account limits and set expiration of the user´s account.

Rules tab

First time click Add rule button up on the right

Rules tab gives an access to the rules list, allowing you to define conditions and actions for all incoming emails to account.

Rules dialog shown after clicking on a rule from the list.

Mobile Devices tab

Mobile Devices tab manages any mobile device connected to user's account.