User Features

Features screen Permissions & Rights allows to enable/ disable diverse user configurations. Just move the toggle left (disable) or right (enable) and let user to use the following features:

Enable system service for sending emails and archiving that saves all incoming and outgoing email and text messages.

Security tab.
This tab allows you to manage all security features like ANTI-SPAM, ANTI-VIRUS and QUARANTINE.

Messaging tab.
Enables or disables instant communication among users and let them send text messages from WebClient.

TeamChat tab.
With TeamChat feature enabled users can get in touch with other people on the team, organize their conversations around one topic, share files or create ad-hoc meetings.

WebClient tab.
These toggles need to be enabled for users to access their public information and web-based access to WebClient.

Mobile Devices tab.
Allows users synchronize their email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes to all mobile devices via ActiveSync and wireless synchronization to older mobile devices based on Palm OS, Symbian and others not supporting ActiveSync via SyncML.

File Storage tab.
Using these toggles let users transfer large files to a dedicated storage on the server and external access to user's own private cloud.

WebDocuments tab.
Allow users create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations as well as all ODF files directly in the browser, without having to install any Office suite on their computers.