Domain's Details Setup

Domain Accounts

All accounts are defined within a domain and an email address consists of a primary alias and domain name – [primary alias]@[domain_name.]

Accounts tab.

You can quick add to group or delete any user by checking the box by the name and SELECT ACTION in the box on the right side!


General overview of domain like description details, permission and rights, quotas and client applications. Here you can also enable 2-factor authentication for the whole domain.

With 2-factor authentication enabled, users of this domain are able to activate two-step verification and have stronger security for their WebClient and WebAdmin accounts.

Properties tab.

Domain name is possible to change via RENAME button next to the name table. This operation can be processed by server administrators only, domain administrators can not rename domain name.

If you are administering City Network Subscription model, you can manage users for the whole domain in the Permission & Rights section. Select Standard or Professional plan and all users of the domain can use features of the selected domain.

Features is covered separately in Domain Features.

Click the Validation button to view summary of general information about selected domain, as well as information about its DNS records and running services ports.

DNS Validation dialog.

When DNS validating is not successful, you can directly go to IceWarp Academy video and learn how to set up DNS records properly. Or here  is also possible to download example of “zone file” for your domain that contains mappings between domain names, IP addresses and other resources.

DKIM Wizard

DKIM is used by remote servers for verification that emails sent from the domain are not spoofed.

Click the DKIM button to run DKIM configuration wizard.

This wizard will allow you to easily create a public and private key pair to be used for DomainKeys and DKIM.

DKIM wizard dialog.

Domain Limits

Turn the toggles on and enter the appropriate values for the domain limits and user limits as well.

Limits tab.

Client applications

See Client Applications.

Domain Rules

Gives an access to the rules list, allowing you to define conditions and actions for all incoming emails to domain.

Ruless dialog shown after clicking on a rule from the list.

Rules tab.

Mobile Devices

Experience ActiveSync for wireless synchronization of email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes to all mobile devices.

Mobile Devices tab.

White labeling

Customize WebAdmin or WebClient tool for selected domain and personalize them according to your ideas.

White labeling tab.