Amazon Web Services compatible S3 Endpoints

Step-by-step guide using Amazon Web Services S3 compatible API Endpoints

Follow steps below:

  1. Source OpenStack credentials
  2. Get EC2 credentials: openstack --os-interface public ec2 credentials list
  3. If you don't have any: create them with: openstack --os-interface public ec2 credentials create
  4. Configure your S3 client with the appropriate access key and secret key: s3cmd --configure. When prompted to set host_base and host_bucket, use for both. Also, set both use_https and signurl_use_https to True.
  5. Create an S3 bucket: s3cmd mb s3://foo
  6. Upload an object into the bucket: echo "hello world" > bar; s3cmd put s3://foo/bar
  7. Set a public read ACL on the object: s3cmd setacl --acl-public s3://foo/bar
  8. Fetch the object without an S3 client: curl<tenant_id>:foo/bar (where <tenant_id> is your project ID which is visible from the Manage projects page)

Explain the concept of s3 endpoints...

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