Rancher as a Service (RaaS)


In the era of DevOps and micro-services, Kubernetes is playing an important role in the IaaS ecosystem, enabling flexibility and simplification of the application's underlying platform implementation.
However, this is true to certain level of extent meaning only when you have a wide-range of tools that allow you to control, monitor and scale your infrastructure upon your application needs.

Rancher is a complete, 100% open-source software stack for teams adopting containers. It addresses the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters while providing DevOps teams with integrated tools for running containerised workloads. 


Rancher as a Service in CityCloud

This webinar helps you understand why you need, should and how you can benefit from modern container management to innovate faster with City Cloud. You will learn more about containers in City Cloud, the importance of regulatory compliance and get a brief overview of the Rancher platform and its capabilities.

Rancher as a Service (RaaS): A walkthrough

You will learn more about the architectural design of RaaS and what it means for you as a user. You will also get an overview of the integration between the platform and the infrastructure layer to understand how resources such as VMs, storage, and load balancers can be configured and consumed directly by your containerised applications.

Deployment Templates

From existing nodes (Custom)

Create a new Kubernetes cluster using RKE, out of existing bare-metal servers or virtual machines.

* The code is developed as Terraform configuration

Openstack/CityCloud provider

Minimum Requirements

Master nodes (etcdcontrolplane)

N.of NodesvCPURamDisk
1, 3, 52C4GB50GB

Worker nodes

N.of NodesvCPURamDisk
1 or more4C8GB50GB

Common for both Master and Worker nodes

Anti-affinitySSH via VPN SSH-key AuthNo Floating IPsOS imageOS default userDocker versionDocker log-format


(tick)Ubuntu 18.04+Custom

Latest (default)



Kubernetes versionNetwork PluginLoad BalancerMonitoring


CanalOpenstack OctaviaDisabled