Getting Started

City Network is a European provider of robust, global open IT infrastructure services. Using OpenStack we deliver intuitive cloud management, secure servers, storage and global private networks. All delivered with unparalleled capacity and performance.

With multiple City Cloud nodes in different cities you can build and maintain a fully redundant infrastructure. All our state-of-the-art data centres provide space, power and cooling with reliability and performance that goes beyond industry standards.

We have built the underlying infrastructure and global network from the ground up to make sure our customers can locate their computing power and data at any location and move between locations at will. This is especially important for industries who are affected by sudden changes in laws and regulations regarding data protection and make way for uninterrupted growth and stability.

This set of documentation is intended as an introduction and system description how one can create and manage system resources in our Cloud services.

On the Dashboard you will get an overview of all your resources in your City Cloud within in the OpenStack project that you currently are working with.
If you have more than one project it is easy to change your active OpenStack project, click the dropdown in the top bar and choose which project to work with.