For a user to be able to login into a Server in City Cloud, we use the concept of Keypairs.
At image creation of the server, the public keys for a user are injected, the Nova service takes care of the process.

The Keypair concept is that for each users private key, there is a corresponding public key used for verification of the user trying to login.
If the Keypair isn't matching, access will be denied.

In the Keypair section in City Control Panel, the user can find all uploaded keypairs (SSH Public Keys) (Figure 1).

Figure 1.  Keypair list

To view details and delete a specific key pair, the user can click at image2020-6-9_9-54-39.png to the right at each keypair item.
A new keypair can be created by clicking the create button at the top (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Add New Keypair - button

Figure 2. Add New Keypair - button

Keypairs belongs to the current OpenStack API user, and does not belong to an OpenStack project, which means that public keys uploaded in the City Cloud Admin can only be used within City Cloud Admin.

Parameters for a Keypair are (Figure 3):

  • Name - representative name for your public key

  • Zone - which zone to upload your public key to

  • Public key - the actual public key

  • Keypair type (optional) - The type of the public key

Figure 3. Keypair creation

Figure 3. Keypair creation