How to work in and manage Chat Room?

A chat room is the main area where participants can send messages to and share files with each other.

Chat room participants can invite other people to join their chat room. An invitation email is sent to notify selected person about TeamChat invitation.

Chat rooms are divided into three parts:

1. Upper part contains name of the room, a series of tabs (Chat Room, Documents, Events, Members), toggle for notifications, icon for Pins board and icon for Mentions board.

Notice that on top, there is a bar containing actions to perform within the room: Upload documents, invite members and more (move to Archive, clone room, send email to all members)


  • in the room, watching

  • in the room, window is in background

  • in the room, writing

Note: Notification toggle in the top right corner lets you quickly switch notifications on/off.

2. Middle part displays the date of conversation and the whole conversation among participants in the room including new messages.

Tip: When you leave the TeamChat room while typing a text, the input text is remembered in the message area so when you come back to the room, you can continue typing and finish the text.

3. Bottom part
where you can find the plus icon (invite guests, share links etc.), message area where you can type messages, and the smile icon which when clicked on, a new popup window will appear which offers several different emoticons. You can choose from several groups of emoticons:

To open a file or document from chat bubble, just click its preview image in the chat area.

To download or share any file click one of the buttons in the bubble – blue to download or grey to share with others. The file can be downloaded to the location on your HDD or can be saved to a folder in your WebClient

You can also accept/ decline a meeting or join a conference call directly from its bubble from the chat area.

Meeting shared to Team chat.

Note: You can also open Teamchat room at post by link.